Unifi AP-AC-Lite Unboxing!

Fedex was kind to me today and delivered my new Unifi AP-AC-Lite that I was able to order last week from ISPSupplies.com . Big shout out to them as well for being one of the few vendors that had the devices in stock and were selling at MSRP instead of inflating it to double, or in some cases, triple it’s cost.  I’m at work at the moment, so a full review will have to wait until this evening, but heres some lovely unboxing pics for us all!


As you can see, the packaging has taken a bit of a step up from  before, being a more modern and honestly, professional kind of look. I’m up in the air about the dinky mount plate. It looks like it needs to have a wider surface area to me, but I could be wrong.

First impressions show that this machine doesn’t feel nearly as cheap in the hand as the original UAP’s did. The plastic seems of a higher quality and a better density, and it has some heft to it now. I’m assuming the extra radios is doing that.

I’ll be installing this in my home this evening, so keep an eye out for some first impressions!

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