Add multiple drivers to the Win10 DriverStore in one shot

One annoying thing in the newer version of Windows, to me, is the DriverStore. Not only does it make it more difficult than it should be to add tons of drivers in one shot, but to me, it’s just not that intuitive of  a way to manage them. Espicially when I’m trying to add drivers for like 9 different models of equipment to a generic image! Well, luckily, scripting once again comes to the rescue! Here’s a little one I got done today that lets you throw all drivers into the store in one shot! Continue reading “Add multiple drivers to the Win10 DriverStore in one shot”

Fog Zero-Touch Imaging with PDQ Deploy

UPDATE 4/19/16
This post has been superseded by an easier way, detailed in this post!

PDQ Deploy + Fog = Imaging Happiness take 2

I’ve been a happy user of Fog for years here in my district. It’s made imaging an easy, thoughtless process that works quickly for me. However, there has been one drawback that I haven’t really liked, and that is it’s reliance of fat images. If you’re not familiar, a fat image is an image with everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. Drivers, applications, settings, shortcuts, you name it, it’s in there. Now, there are some benefits to this. Mostly that you can push a button and boom, you know it’s all there. The problem, however, comes when it comes time to do updates to any of those parts of the fat image. You usually have to either rebuild the entire image (if you didn’t do it in a VM and use snapshots..) or at worst, have to fire up your golden image vm and update there, then reupload all that back to Fog. It’s time consuming, annoying, and something people usually pushed off. Continue reading “Fog Zero-Touch Imaging with PDQ Deploy”

Add users to Active Directory via Powershell and CSV!

Every  year, I clear out the students from my Active Directory domain, and then recreate them in the fall. Why, you may be asking. Simple. With some many kids coming and going between districts, I want to make sure that A: I’ve got all the new ones in the system and B: I don’t have the old ones. So, a delete/recreate it is.

Problem is, when you’ve got 700+ students, this can be time consuming. But not anymore! Lets script this bad boy!
Continue reading “Add users to Active Directory via Powershell and CSV!”