Unifi AP-AC-Lite Unboxing!

Fedex was kind to me today and delivered my new Unifi AP-AC-Lite that I was able to order last week from ISPSupplies.com . Big shout out to them as well for being one of the few vendors that had the devices in stock and were selling at MSRP instead of inflating it to double, or in some cases, triple it’s cost.  I’m at work at the moment, so a full review will have to wait until this evening, but heres some lovely unboxing pics for us all! Continue reading “Unifi AP-AC-Lite Unboxing!”

Unifi Wireless- K-12 1:1 Winner

In my quest to update my school’s wireless to support our ever growing 1:1 initative, I’ve looked at pretty much every vendor under the sun when it comes to wifi. You’re big names, like Cisco, HP, Motorola. Smaller brands, like Aruba, Ruckus, Meraki. You name it, I’ve more than likely demo’d it, reviewed it, tried it, or laughed at it. While looking, I was requiring a few different things that to me were very important.

  1. Easy to manage. This system was critical to our 1:1, which means if I needed to change something, I didn’t want to futz around for 30 minutes trying to remember the exact location in a menu madness or the command to type in. I wanted this to be, dare I say it, IOS easy.
  2. Stable. This was going out into the wild to be used by students, staff, and community. If you’ve worked in a school environment before, you know that these three types of users can, and will, destroy any kind of item placed in front of them, regardless of how much it benefits them or not. I needed this system to take the beating, and keep going.
  3. Solid technology, less bells and whistles. Tech over the last few years has been, in my eyes, adding more and more extra junk to their software/hardware and not focusing on the core of what they should be doing. For this system, I wanted a solid set of wireless AP’s that do their job on a solid layer 2 network. I don’t want them to also serve as cameras, I don’t want them to do any fancy layer3 routing. I don’t need that. If I need layer3, I’ll put in a layer3 device.
  4. The cost has to be right. We’re a school, not business. That means we actually need to buy for value, not for names.

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Acer C720P review

I’ve been spending the last two days at the ND Google Apps Summit taking place in Grand Forks, ND. Since it’s a Google summit, I figured this would be a good time to break out one of the Chromebooks we purchased for students and give it a rundown as my sole computer for the conference, instead of bring my beloved Thinkpad T420 with. Let me tell you, this was a good choice. Read on to find out why. Continue reading “Acer C720P review”