I’m Bob!Henderson Bob

I’m a geek, a nerd, a connesiour of all things that involve a sword or elves or dragons! But don’t you worry, there is a lot more to me than that! There is..um..






Wait, there is actually things about me! I’m an IT Coordinator for a rural school district in Minnesota, supporting, as I like to say, “everything that plugs in or takes batteries”. I really  enjoy supporting server environments, LAN/WAN setups, workstations, and users who can QUIT CLICKING ON EVERYTHING COME ON ITS OBVIOUSLY A SCAM. 


I work with a lot of open source technologies, and make it a point to use open source when I have the chance. I like finding a solution that works as good or better than the ‘industry standard’ and then letting people know how I did it!

I’m horribly inconsistent when it comes to updating, but I’m doing my best! Like this page!

And now, a picture of a unicorn.my_unicorn__frederick_by_icecreamcoloredgirl-d32rv1b

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